T-Shirts!! Dave Newton Photography is proud to announce the launch of DNP Custom Tees !

  • Do you have a business, club, team or organization that is in need of great custom imprinted t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies or other apparel? We can design and produce awesome shirts for you that you will wear with pride!
  • Are you looking for a great fundraiser idea? We can work with you to put together a t-shirt sale that puts REAL MONEY into your church, club or organization.
  • Could your retail store use a boost? We can offer stock or custom-designs that you can offer in your store that are quick-selling and profitable.
  • Are you looking for a unique t-shirt for yourself that really fits? We have sizes available to 6XL. From current political themes to licensed artwork from Dean Russo, Gil Elvgren, Liquid Blue, Chrysler (Dodge and Ram), Ford Motor Company, Three Stooges and US Army. We have a great selection of designs available!
  • We even have premium MADE IN THE USA t-shirts available! (limited sizes). 

Call today to see how we can help!